CRM 60/08

0.37 Kw | 0.5 HP | 3 Ph | 8Poles | B3 | 50 Hz

Product Details

Efficiency in operations is a key for every industry. These types of Three Phase Vibrator motors are widely used in rugged construction for tough environments. Motor winding is vacuum impregnated and the motor is enabled with a dust proof air cooled design that can operate in dusty environments because it is moulded in F-class windings for seamless operations. It becomes one of the most seeked and friendly vibrators because the amplitude of vibration can be controlled. It is available in different RPM ranging from 750 , 1000, 1500 and 3000 RPM. It is highly durable in nature and offers you some of the most simplified processes in Hoppers, Silos, Seed cleaners and a lot more applications.


Working Moment (Kg cm) 137.3
Centrifugal Force (N) 4250
Nominal Voltage (V) 415
Speed (RPM) 720
Power (Kw / Hp) 0.37 / 0.5
Nominal Current (A) 1.20
Power Factor 0.75
Ia/In (A) 2.4
Drawing And Dimensions Drawing And Dimensions
Weight A B C D E F G No of Holes H I L M N
80 Kg 140 190 576 230 262 26 17 4 124 244 226 175 226
Ambient Temperature Mounting Screw Clamping Torque Thermal Sensor Class of Insulation Ingress Protection
40˚C M16 185 Nm TOP “F” IP 55
Bearing Type Grease Type Grease Frequent Interval Amount of Grease Replace Bearing Life Hours @100%
NJ 2307 Mobil Lithium Complex SHC 100 / Bechem - Berutox FE 18 EP NLGI Grade 2 5000 Hours 29 grams 20200

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