CRM S 20/30

0.18 Kw | 0.25 HP | 1 Ph | 2 Poles | B3 | 50 Hz

Product Details

Greater efficiency, higher durability and the most user-friendly and compatible in nature. It comes with dust proof and damage proof protection. Terminal box connector is sealed with a layer of resin to prevent damage due to vibrations. The body is made from high grade C.I.casting. It is suited for a maintenance-free kind as it is sealed with imported pre-lubricated heavy bearings. Most of these motors are highly applied in Vibrating table, Hoppers, Knock-out grates and a lot more. It is mostly available in 1500 and 3000 RPM.


Working Moment (Kg cm) 4.61
Centrifugal Force (N) 2100
Nominal Voltage (V) 415
Speed (RPM) 3000
Power (Kw / Hp) 0.18 / 0.25
Nominal Current (A) 0.84
Power Factor 0.6
Ia/In (A) 2.5
Induction Vibrators Induction Vibrators
Weight A B C D E F G No of Holes H I L M N
11 Kg 74 106 320 139 168 21 10 4 88 135 180 70 125
Ambient Temperature Mounting Screw Clamping Torque Thermal Sensor Class of Insulation Ingress Protection
40˚C M10 45 Nm NA “F” IP 65
Bearing Type Grease Type Grease Frequent Interval Amount of Grease Replace Bearing Life Hours @100%
6204 2RS Synthetic Grease Manufacturing Prefilled Grease Not Required 10500

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