3Ph - Double side shaft Brake Motor - Aluminium Series

( 100 Frame - 1440 Rpm )

With expertise in the industry, we strive hard for the most efficient motors that help you to fulfil your needs in the best ways possible. Our aluminium series of motors are all made up of high quality components and are exclusively made available for you to choose from various stipulations depending on your need. Double side shield high quality imported bearing for long life helps you get the most higher durability, yielding you a better efficiency. Mostly, these types of motors are widely used in Hydraulic machines, compressors, Lathes, packing machines and a lot more.

Electric Specifications

Double side shaft Brake Motor Details - 1440 Rpm - 3Ph
Sl No Kw Frame Size Rpm(Speed) Load Current - Max(Amps) Locked Torque In terms Of Full Load Torque(%) Locked Torque In terms Of Full Load Current (Amps)(IE2) Nominal Eff %(IE2)
1 1.5 100 L 1440 3.8 170 600 82.8
2 2.2 100 L 1440 5.1 170 700 84.3

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